Christmas Day ~ in pictures

IMG_1256 IMG_1232 The moment we’ve been waiting for. IMG_1235   Tracking Santa’s progress on the Norad Santa tracker. IMG_1282 It snowed all day – one of the few times we can see Bella clearly. IMG_1248 Not long into unwrapping, we had nearly buried our Playmobil Nativity. I worried that this was symbolic. The kids groaned, “Oh, Mom!” IMG_1252   Herme’s was sporting one of the finest rooster tails that I have seen in a long time. Worthy of Christmas Day! IMG_1261 Uncle Chip and Aunty Janet sent us a fun package containing among other things the original BBC/A&E Jane Austen’s five hour long Pride and Prejudice !!This was the girls’ reaction. IMG_1260 And this was the boys’. IMG_1269 Bella liked her new collar and fluffy bed. IMG_1271 The detritus after the storm.  IMG_1274 A little while later in the boys’ room. IMG_1276 And in the girls’. IMG_1278 ‘What I did on my vacation.’ IMG_1277  Field of Mushrooms IMG_1285  Our Spelt Gingerbread House! Artemis used her Swiss geometry skills to design a house pattern, and we all had fun on decorating it on Christmas Eve. Notice the Christmas tree, snowman, goldfish pond and mushroom patch. IMG_1288 The Marzipan Lady of the House – made by Artemis IMG_1289 The backyard. There is a marzipan baby sleeping in a cradle on the toffee bench. No munching until after Christmas dinner! IMG_1295 In the afternoon Tata and Popop joined us for a festive Christmas dinner of Chinese fondue. IMG_1305  And then it was open season on the house. IMG_1308 Later that evening, we had a Skype visit with our cousins IMG_1313 and with Uncle Chip and Aunty Janet who put on a Christmas puppet show. IMG_1314 …and we responded in kind. IMG_1272 It was a lovely day. Merry Christmas 2010!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Day ~ in pictures

  1. This made me so HAPPY!!!!!!! I noticed that Zeus was sitting on MY bed. 😉

    I love the Lego & Playmobil creations, AND the Pride & Prejudice reactions (I see the same things here), AND the fabulous spelt house!!! The marzipan items are wonderful. Oh, and the mushrooms! And puppets. And Bella in the SNOW!!!

    Love to you ALL!!!!

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