8 thoughts on “Snapshots of Easter

  1. Rene – Can you believe that Evangeline made it herself!! And Marina made her dress – I am so proud of my girls, so thank you for asking! 😉 Evangeline wants me to say that I helped, which I did a little. I hope you had a Blessed Day – your Easter bread looked yummy!

    Kellie – yes, now you ARE famous! Thanks for sharing those lacy socks with the world.

  2. That is SO AWESOME! I hope all 4 of my girls will be making themselves dresses one day and maybe get so good they can make mine too! Tell them I think they are cool! ;o)

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Jenny! I love the girls dresses. Tell them that Mrs. Reiniger is very, very proud of them and they did remarkable work!

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