Springy Outing

At the end of last week, when spring had officially come, we were well enough from our bad colds to get out of the house, but really not well enough to go visit anyone, just in case. But we had to go somewhere – it was poor Artemis’ spring break, and we’d spent most of it house bound, coughing up our lungs. So…Friday afternoon was beautiful and sunny and we packed up ourselves and headed down to Pike Place Market. We got honey sticks and free samples and poked around in the stalls and the funky shops below. It was a perfect low-impact taste of spring and color and street musicians and sunshine and people. And we conjectured that if we got anyone sick it would be someone we don’t know. (!) (But I don’t really think we did. We coughed into our sleeves.)IMG_8595 Oh, those gorgeous stalls of unending flowers! How can you resist taking pictures? IMG_8596You can’t. So I didn’t. {Sigh}IMG_8594The chillins and a lady we don’t know. Did we get her sick? I hope not! IMG_8597 And of course, a visit to Rachel the Pig. After I took it, I was stunned to see that all the kids are looking and smiling at the camera! At least mostly smiling, smiling enough for me. We went home with a lovely bouquet of tulips, a little specialty gluten-free pasta and happy springy feelings.

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