Five year old Hermes

Guest post by Athena image Hermes turned five! We celebrated the Saturday before his birthday. He invited five of his school friends over. image Welcome to the party! Apollo was the greeter. image We played Duck Duck Goose, and the Clothespin Game, which involves dropping a clothespin into a jar while standing on a bench. They were both a hit.  image Then we blew up some balloon swords. image  image Hermes requested a train cake, so we made an engine, and hooked it up with some train cars. image Apollo and Hermes quickly started putting together all the presents that Hermes received. That evening we had a little family party, so we reloaded up the train with extra cars. image Happy Birthday Hermes!

One thought on “Five year old Hermes

  1. Cool Train Cake!!! You guys are awesome.

    Also love the swan pic at the top of the blog!!! Miss you! Need to come write some more of your book at our house? 🙂 Guess you won't be taking too much time off for that, what with homeschooling?!

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