Bread of Molde

Part of the fun of living multi-lingually in a multilingual region is having all the bits of languages that I know jumbling about my head as well as on on the packaging.  In Switzerland, everything is printed in at least German, French and Italian. In nearby France where I did my grocery shopping yesterday, it’s often in Dutch, Spanish, even (depending on the store) Flemish in addition to French. Mostly it’s fun to see what other people might be in the habit of calling ‘Toothpaste’ ; “Tandpasta” is apparently what they call it in Flemish (at least I think it’s Flemish – it’s from the Belgium owned store.) However, sometimes it makes for an interesting combination of international words.  Even though there aren’t too many kinds of gluten-free bread to choose from, I somehow lost my appetite for this one. I just don’t think I want the letter combination ‘molde’ in any way associated with my bread. pan de molde

2 thoughts on “Bread of Molde

  1. LOL!!!! That made me really laugh!!! Okay, so I was wondering what the other language was on my lovely shower gel…what do you think? Is that Flemish? I can see the French and the German…but what is the one in between? Speaking of my shower gel, I used it last night and the lemon verbena scent took me back to Switzerland and made me feel very happy!!!

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