End-of-July Photo Collage

Some photos to give you a taste of our days as we’ve mostly been moving furniture and bikes down here from the grandparents’ attic, organizing our stuff, figuring out new systems for shopping, cooking and laundry and finding the rhythm of our days.  IMG_9856 Athena-lou-lou in the Back Forty. IMG_9837 The homemade tresse bread brought by a neighbor to welcome us. IMG_9894 Red currant jam made from “our” red currant bush. They were ripe when we arrived, so I borrowed some jars from Tata.  IMG_9839 Apricots in a blue dish. They made me happy. So I took a picture. They make me want to take up painting. IMG_9845 Hanging blossoms which have inspired me to make a lampshade ~ I’m working on it. Meanwhile I keep swiping the blossoms off the bush down by the church. Whenever we pass Hermes calls out “Lampshade!” IMG_9848 Off to work The Land. IMG_9847 Impressive cobwebs we found in the loft of the garden shed. Very Miss Havisham. IMG_9851 Bella on the trail of a good smell. IMG_9863 Baroque church at the old monastery at Bellelay, last week’s day trip outing. Now it is used as an art gallery, but it had quite an interesting history, of which I will not tell you all just now. There was an impressive organ and I hope to return sometime for an organ concert.  IMG_9867 Bellelay Monastery (and this kitchen) is where Tete de Moine (Head of Monk) cheese was first made. Now you can sometimes buy it in Kirkland at Costco. IMG_9865 The cheese kitchen was remodeled in 1734. Bella picture Bella again, because she is so cute and schnuggly and because she barely ever looks right at the camera.

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