Alive and Well in the Mountains

…but without internet connection. I wrote a nice long post with lots and lots of pictures, but it was too hefty for the weak and borrowed connection of the neighbor that will hopefully be strong enough to send this one. Tomorrow (Saturday) we’ll go back to Boncourt and I’ll post our pictures there. In the meantime, if anyone is reading, they will know that we are alive and recovering from the move – lots of sleep and lots of fresh air. 

One thought on “Alive and Well in the Mountains

  1. Today while you're leaving Trun, we'll be hunkering in by the pool as temps are supposed to go to 105F here in Fresno. Zoinks! Glad you've recovered and are fully operational. All best prayers for the schoolgoers and train travelers and muskrat observers. Blessings from Onkle

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