Here We Go!

Despite a rough start this morning, even with the patch, I am happy to report that I didn’t get sick on the actual plane. And just before we landed in San Francisco I ate 1 pretzel and so far I’ve managed to keep it down. Here’s the next leg: IMG_9560 It’s been a long while since I’ve flown on Swiss Airlines. I think it must be the world’s best airline because they give you little chocolates! We’ve taken over a bay in the waiting area – this is just our carry-ons. IMG_9562 As I’ve been typing this, I’ve had a few more pretzels and I think I’m on the mend. I took some more medicine too – my head still hurts, but I’m not so queasy. I think the patch finally kicked in. Thanks for your prayers!

2 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. I am SO happy to hear that you're feeling better!! Being witness to your rough start guaranteed my prayers for you. I love you and miss you already!!

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