What We Did With Our Weekend

Saturday we had another garage sale with our friends. Aside from getting money from purgings and visiting with all the neighbors, one of my favorite things about garage sales is that you are doing something without doing too much. What I mean is that besides talking with people and trying to help them see the benefits of buying your old carpet or chocolate fountain, there is usually plenty of time to just sit in the sun (and we had some!) and hang out waiting for more customers.With the exception of Zeus who is such a busy bee that he can’t sit still but instead did lots of weeding on the garage sale fringes, we sat about and chatted. While chatting, I asked my friend Kerry if her daughter would like some toy pots and pans to play with. (Hermes isn’t much of a toy cook.) Because Holly’s mother is an outstanding cook, it was ironic to find out Holly didn’t yet have a toy kitchen. (well, okay, she’s only two!) The mamas had a stroke of inspiration, and then we handed execution off to our skilled eldest children. Here is the finished result. DSCN3515 and the happy recipient-now she can cook just like mama!DSCN3502 This is also an opportunity to introduce the fabulous new blog of Artemis– she wrote a great post about making the stove. Her blog is currently private, so if you are interested in following it, leave me a comment with your email address. You will be able to read about our travel adventures from her perspective as well.Sunday we drove up to Bellingham to a graduation/farewell party with my aunt and uncle and all my cousins. We haven’t had that many of us all together in….well…, a COON’s age! It was delightful to catch up on each other’s lives in glorious afternoon sunshine, and to be reminded, as we head off to adventures and the enjoyment of family far away, of the family ties that hold onto us here.DSCN3626 My sister Julie graduates this week with a B.A. degree and teaching certificate in special education after several years of hard work and juggling being a mama and a college student. As an observer, I think that’s got to be one of the hardest combinations. She’s been an inspiration to her family and mine, my daughters especially. We are all SO proud of her!

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  1. I love the picture you took of Holly. She looks just as happy every day when she's playing with her fun new stove! It's just one more memory and item I'll treasure over the next year while you're far away!

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