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I’ve been inspired recently by a friend who writes on her blog nearly every day about her family’s everday homeschool doings, largely she says, so that she has some record, somewhere of what they spent the day doing! I’m thinking that’s not such a shabby idea, considering that most days I fall into bed wondering if we did anything worthwhile or educational at all. When I stop and think hard, I realize that yes, in between all the coming and going and activities, we did learn a few things, probably quite a lot. So maybe I’ll try? So I have a record somewhere to make me feel better when I have insecure homeschool moments? days? lifetimes? BUT, and that is a big but (ha!), I will have to relinquish some, or rather A LOT, of my perfectionist writing tendencies.  So maybe there will be some sentences that just hang together don’t quite right. Maybe I will overuse wonderfully descriptive words in two wonderfully consecutive phrases. Maybe fragments. But then maybe, just maybe, I could post a little more and then posts wouldn’t be so far between because I am waiting for the perfect time to “perfect” them. Maybe I could get to the point where I feel like a post written quickly at the countertop or zipped off after lunch (right now) while I’m ignoring everybody would “count.” So anyway, today: Everybody felt groggy this morning. I had the worst time getting out of bed, and I am certain that it is due to Daylight Savings Time. Twice a year it irritates me all over again. Yes, I do like the long, bright evenings, but the switch is just hard! For those of us who seem to be more closely tied to light for their circadian rhythms and who work hard at going to bed and getting up at the same time every day, suddenly jumping an hour one direction or another just upsets the whole sleep pattern thing again, and it takes me about a week to adjust. Okay, enough whining about that. Sorry. I actually did get to the gym this morning. Mr. Zeus prayed over me to have the energy to go, so then what could I do? I made it and did a weight circuit which I haven’t done in a looooong time. Nothing crazy, just remembering how those machines work.  After I came home and breakfasted and more importantly, coffeed, I took Hermes to preschool and then came back and started school work with the other two. (Artemis is away for a field trip overnight with her 2-day a week middle school.) We read the first chapter of Nehemiah – we’ve just finished up Ezra, and we want to get Nehemiah’s take on the Return of the Exiles. Then spelling/dictation for the two of them, and then Apollo and I finished up his Little House chapter on The Wonderful Machine, about a new-fangled threshing machine that came to the Ingalls farm. After that we did French together, and I left to go read to Hermes preschool class. This month is BEAR week: Be Excited About Reading and parents were invited to be guest readers.  I read Harold and the Purple Crayon (Harold was my childhood favorite) and The Story About Ping. While I was gone Apollo and Athena finished up their French and did their math lesson.  We had refurbished leftovers for lunch, cleaned up and scattered for FOYB – Flat On Your Back time. And so here I am, feeling drowsy on the couch, listening to the hum of the dishwasher and Hermes fussing about FOYB time in his room. I’ll bet he’s not really flat on his back, but I don’t really care as long as for the moment he’s there and I’m here!  The day’s not nearly done, but thinking through what’s already been accomplished does give me encouragement…and makes me think that becoming a little flatter on this couch would be a good idea and wouldn’t be unmerited. What…do you…zzzzzz….

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  1. Oh, yay! I am SO happy to hear I may get to hear more about your daily days! And just remember, when you are letting go of your writing perfectionism, that such activity is encouraging to those of us (me) whose writing is rather event-less! 🙂 Yours, no matter how imperfect it may seem to you, is always a fun read to me.

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